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Types of treadmills:

Entry Level Home use: These types of treadmills are the treadmills that sell between R3000-R5000. They have very small motors, they cannot take heavy weights either. These treadmills are not designed for extensive use. You may think that if you are only going to be walking on the treadmill something like this will be suitable. This is definitely not the case, walking on a treadmill has more impact on it than running. MiFitness does not sell any treadmills that fall under this category

Heavy Duty Home Use: These types of treadmills are perfect for the home user that will be using the treadmill 3-4 times a week, for a couple of hours a day. Sizes of the motor generally range from 2hp to 3hp (continuous duty). The running decks are heavier duty, they also have more durable running belts. The most popular treadmill that falls under this category is the DKN T830. MiFitness will be launching the DKN Road Run soon, keep a look out for this treadmill. The pricing for Heavy Duty Home Use treadmills ranges from R10000 to R15000. Read More...

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Get the best treadmill now

You must know what you are looking for when you are buying fitness equipment especially treadmills. Any treadmill you look at purchasing must suit the purpose for which it is intended. You must decide if your treadmill is for home use, either light or heavy use, or for commercial use as gym equipmentRead More...

The best treadmill to help you get into shape!

At the start of any year most people make a New Year’s resolution to get into shape. This resolution to get fit normally only lasts until March. You end up paying gym fees that are quite expensive, whereas if you had a treadmill at home you could keep in shape in comfortable surroundings and at your own pace! Read More...